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Ladorian Latin down 54 Pounds!!

My “before” pic was taken in May of 2010. When I saw it I thought to myself “How did I get so big?” I was in my friend ‘s wedding that year and I did not like the way that I looked at all. Doctors kept telling me it was going to be very difficult … Continue reading


  • Most people know that I love beer. We talk about food all the time and what you cannot eat and what we exchanged that for to eat healthier and lose weight. That’s all true, but my addiction is beer. Unfortunately, I have been drinking since I was a kid. It was in the house, it was in the restaurant, and I loved it. So when we started the HCG Diet, my addiction to beer was just as hard to overcome as my addiction to fried foods. I succeeded at this because we worked as a team and we had a goal. Some days I had to have strength enough just make it through the next hour, then the next hour, and the next. Once I got through the first week I lost 15 pounds, found that I liked healthy options and vegetables, and I even gave up my beer and replaced it with green tea and water. Just like Patty fights her addiction to Diet Coke, I fight my addiction to beer. 
  • "I'm going to make my new happy hour the hour I get up and check the scale!" says V.  Huling "The first few days are a challenge but after that it’s simple, it’s not easy but simple," says R. Tauzin


The Real People's Guide to the HCG Diet is our NEW book. We are excited that you are here! Patty and Geno have written this book to help people looking for the support of friends as you work your way through the 50 days of the HCG Diet. We have lost 180 pounds between us and want to share our secrets. Please post your comments about the book or your success story with using the HCG Diet. This book and site are about Real People...Real Stories...Real Life. Look around and subscribe to this blog for our updates.

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